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Glow full force. More quickly. More intensively. From deeper down.

Restore your inner glow with Shiseido’s Bio-Performance Glow Revival Cream. Reduce unevenness, dullness, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for noticably clearer, more vibrant skin.

It has a luminous, velvety texture that feels as if it melts into the skin upon application. Used over time, it gives your skin the ability to maintain its ideal moisture balance, for a radiant glow and a deep resilience as if it has been are renewed from within.

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For whom?

For women whom ideal skin is more than just youthful looking: it’s skin that glows with full force.


Excellent for all skin types. Dermatologist-tested.

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Smooth evenly over the face each morning and evening after cleansing and balancing skin.

A discovery on the major role of skin capillaries in skin’s glow

After 10 years of research, Shiseido discovered that the intricate network of tiny capillaries below your skin’s surface is key to improving the appearance of unevenness, dullness, wrinkles and loss of resilience.

There is a tight relationship between capillaries and skin concerns. In addition, it is clear that skin’s regeneration cycle declines with age. When skin’s capillary functions and regerneration cycle are poor, various skin problems arise, often because nutrients are not being delivered evenly to every part of the skin.


Shiseido focused on skin’s capillaries to develop original micro-intensive technology. Multi-Capisolve 1124TM* activates Tie2, the factor that reinforces skin capillaries, to facilitate the delivery of skin nutrients (in vitro test). Skin becomes more even in tone and its clarity and resilience are improved.

In 1 day:

Deeply moisturized, skin feels supple and smooth, and appears firmer, brighter and more vibrant.In 1 week:Uneven skin tone, redness and dullness are improved, and visible dry, fine linesIn 1 week:Uneven skin tone, redness and dullness are improved, and visible dry, fine lines.In 1 week:

Uneven skin tone, redness and dullness are improved, and visible dry, fine lines

In 1 month:

Skin’s stable condition is maintained, making it resistant to dryness and roughness. Dark spots, pores and wrinkles are visibly reduced and resilience is restored, transforming skin’s look into a full glow.