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Epic moisture in a hydrating jelly lotion, to plump and prepare skin, to improve effectiveness of skincare products.

Formulated with White Jelly Mushroom, the jelly-like texture breaks into a fresh, watery lotion on application. An additional moisture boost for a plumped, dewy skin.

It has an anti-inflammation effect to suppress redness from acne and blemishes.

The Shiro kikurage, or White Jelly Mushroom, has long been treasured in Asia as food for beautiful skin. Like a sponge, it holds onto water. Stored dried, it bounces back to its plump, just-picked state when soaked.

  • Info

150 ml

For whom?

Young skin / early 20’s.


All skin types including sensitive


Day and night

  • Gebruiksaanwijzing
  • Technologie
  • Results
  • After cleansing ,squeeze an appropriate amount (1.5-2ml) into the palm of hand and massage carefully over the face before rinsing
  • Can be applied to neck and decolletage
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  • Skin looks plump and refreshed
  • Complexion is free of dullness and roughness