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A 2-in-1 cleanser that effectively removes makeup and impurities while protecting the skin’s moisture balance.

The thick honey-like gel texture foams without water to thoroughly remove makeup residues and dead skin cells to reveal a luminous and bright skin. Soap and alcohol-free, it deeply cleanses pores to help prevent blemishes without depriving the skin from its essential moisture. It is uniquely formulated with Honey and Royal Jelly.

Honey, an ancient treatment known for its antibacterial powers and purification properties, is valued and a health and beauty food in Japan.

  • Info

150 ml

For whom?

Young skin / early 20’s.


All skin types including sensitive


Day and night

  • Gebruiksaanwijzing
  • Technologie
  • Results
  • Squeeze an appropriate amount (approx.2ml) into the palm of hand and massage carefully over the face before rinsing
  • If waterproof or long-lasting eye makeup is worn, use a separate eye makeup remover first on the eye area
  • PhytoResist System+: a technology that uses the power of botanicals to target unstable skin with recurring problems, to bring skin back to a healthy state and banish skin problems for the future. Using a unique combination of ingredients, PhytoResist System+ reinforces the skin’s barrier function, and regulates skin cell turnover, for a balanced, smooth and protected skin.
  • Aromachology Science: the art and science of scent to ensure a holistic treatment that allows you to look and feel your best.
  • Skin looks radiant and smooth
  • Blackheads and blemishes are reduced
  • Pores are minimized.