Camelia Shiseido
Shiseido Rouge Rouge

Red is the
first color.

In the beginning there was red.
In the colors of the earth,
in the beating heart.
Red for boldness,
a color that's earned.
A cardinal rule.
Red is for life.

Rouge Rouge,
a new collection of 16 real reds.

Rouge Rouge

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Shiseido Rouge Rouge

Envelop lips in vibrant red color, lasting luster and rich moisture. Rouge Rouge is the go to collection of creamy moisturizing lipsticks in an extraordinary spectrum of reds. Using Vibrant Red Color Technology, Shiseido has exclusively developed sixteen of the most flattering shades-nuanced, intense, unforgettable with a red for everyone.
Rouge Rouge exudes a beautiful luster and creates impeccable lip-definition, making your lips appear more brilliant than ever before.

• Vibrant Red Color Technology works in five different ways to deliver the perfect red color pigment to lips.
• Fit and Bond Powder adheres to lips for perfect color and finish that does not fade.
• S Hyaluronic Acid Complex and S Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE EX deliver rich moisture for smooth shapely-looking lips.

Shiseido Rouge Rouge

Do you dare to wear RED?

Superior adherence unlike
anything you have ever felt.

Smooth, moiturized lips
with just the right touch of sheen.

Creates a smoother lip-line and
defines the shape.

Long-lasting 4 hours* finish.
*Data acquired from external lab
Do you dear to wear RED?
of women said
« The lipstick adheres to the lips well ».
of women said
« The texture is rich and creamy ».
*Tested on 112 Caucasian Female in October 2015

Meet your first Red.
Beauty expressed
in Shiseido Reds.

Red is seductive

Deep reds

  • Ruby copper

    Ruby copper

    A vivid, warm bright red.
    Ruby Copper is named for the distinctive red color of the mineral Cuprite.

  • Real Ruby

    Real Ruby

    A glowing brownish red.
    Real Ruby is an exuberant, classic red, titled after its rich and majestic tone, much like the gemstone of the same name.

  • Bloodstone


    An intense, rich, brownish red.
    The name Bloodstone is inspired by the red inclusions in this Chalcedony mineral.

  • Rouge Rum Punch

    Rouge Rum Punch

    An intense brown/red violet.
    Rouge Rum Punch is an intoxicating and intense color that leaves an impression.

Red is audacious

Bright reds

  • Murrey


    A cool reddish coral.
    Playful and girlish, Murrey is a sweet, cool coral tone.

  • Coral Shore

    Coral Shore

    A delicate warm coral shade.
    Evocative of subtly-coloured underwater coral in tones of orange and pink.

  • Burning Up

    Burning Up

    A fresh peachy pink.
    Burning Up is inspired by a feeling of bashfulness. Fresh-faced, flirtatious & enthusiastic.

  • Crime of Passion

    Crime of Passion

    A warm reddish coral.
    Crime of Passion is a rapturous, bold, reddish coral that evokes intensity.

Red is glamourous

Vivid reds

  • Liaison


    A subtle red with an orange note.
    Liaison is a perfect pairing of red and orange.

  • First Bite

    First Bite

    A bright burned orange.
    Explosive and bright, First Bite is inspired by a first, passionate encounter.

  • Toffee Apple

    Toffee Apple

    A sweet and bright warm red.
    Toffee Apple is inspired by the rich, sugary shell of this traditional confection.

  • Poppy


    A classic, clear bright red.
    “Poppy” the flower is a bright “Pop” of colour!

Red is irresistible

Light reds

  • Hushed Tones

    Hushed Tones

    A warm pinky brown.
    Quiet & demure, Hushed Tones is a warm and subtle hint of color.

  • Sweet Desire

    Sweet Desire

    A rich reddish brown.
    Sweet Desire is a lavish reddish shade, inspiring thoughts of affection.

  • Rose Crush

    Rose Crush

    A subtle pinkish brown.
    Rose Crush suggests inconspicuous desire with its subtle pinkish tone

  • Red Queen

    Red Queen

    A formal pinkish red-brown.
    Red Queen is intended to suggest a subtle power with its discreet but noble, red shade.

The power of red

The power
of red.

It energizes the spirit and engages the senses. It boosts our enthusiasm, elevates our energy, intensifies our breathing, and accelerates our pulse rate. It encourages action, heightens confidence and calms fears. Historically, red symbolized fire and blood. It represents different things in different cultures; in China, it brings luck and fortune. In India and Nepal, it’s the color of wedding gowns.
Red is Japan's color

Red is

The power of red is strong in Japanese culture, representing happiness, health, good luck, protection, fertility and long life. Red Torii gates stand before sacred shrines to turn away evil spirit, and strengthen spiritual forces within. From the silk of a kimono to the graphic red ball on the national flag, red carries deep meaning in every Japanese life.
Red is Shiseido's color

Red is

Shiseido’s first cosmetic was red lotion called Eudermine. Because of this, Shiseido became linked with the color red. 120 years and 7 reformulations later, this color connection is so deep, it is ingrained in Shiseido’s identity. Eudermine remains one of the company’s global bestsellers, and Shiseido’s signature red camellia logo still graces Shiseido’s packaging. Red continues to be an important element in all of Shiseido’s global product lines, a visual declaration of the company’s true color.

3 application methods, to express your personal beauty!


Relax - Blurred Lips.
Apply liptstick on the center of the lips, and lightly tap with a fingertip to blend.


Fashion - Matte Lips.
After applying lipstick, lightly blot with tissue, and overlay lip liner all over the lips.


Fresh - Sheer Lips.
Generously moisturize with lip treatment before applying lipstick.

Meet your
first Red.
Beauty expressed
in Shiseido Reds.

Available in 16 shades.

Meet your first Red.